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Using Macros

The macros will prompt you to enter or pick text every time you insert a template into a message. When you select a template and insert it into your message, a dialog window will appear where you have to type the text directly in the box or select from the drop-down list.

Using macros, you can personalize automatic emails to include specific information, such as first name or organization name. A macro is a special code that gets replaced with specific information you provided. For example, the {1% first name} macro may be replaced with the recipient's first name.

To insert a macro in an email template, follow these steps:

1. Beginning composing a new template or editing an existing template.

2. In the text of the template, place the cursor where you want to put a macro,
    click the Insert Macros icon.

3. You will see the Insert Macros dialog box as below.
    Select Keyboard Input and enter a title for the macro.

   In this case, the macro in your template will look like:

4. Continue composing the template and insert another macro.

   with the entered on the screenshot above values, the macro looks like this:

5. When you select this template and insert it into your message, all the fields of these macros will be displayed in one window:

6. Click OK, the macros will be replaced with the data you provided.