Sometimes you find yourself sending the same response over and over again and you wish you just had a Outlook template that you could give those folks and save yourself the time of retyping and retyping and retyping.

Canned responses are predetermined responses to common questions. Using canned responses is a great way to tackle issues that require a standard or simple response. They allow you to respond faster to incoming emails, and lessen the repetitive nature of replying to frequently asked questions.

Outlook Canned Responder is an Outlook addin that allows you to pre-write the frequently used sentences, paragraphs or attachments and quickly “insert” them in responses to various mails. This can be done simply by drafting a message and saving it a “canned ” item, which you can add to your mails or responses any time you want. This helps in saving lot of time when you are too busy to type or copy-paste the reply to each mail independently; This addin also allows you to share the canned responses, such as between your office computer and home laptop, or share your Outlook email templates with co-workers.